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            Iron is a very important element that lies at the very heart of the earth. In fact, molten iron is     thought to be the main component of the earth’s core. Iron is also the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, found mainly in compounds with oxygen.

The earliest evidence of human use of iron dates back to about 4000 B.C. and takes the form of iron beads that are thought to have come from meteors striking the earth. The first humans to obtain iron from the ores found in the earth’s crust were the Hittite peoples of Asia Minor in the third millennium B.C. The way in which the Hittites made iron weapons was one of the great military secrets of the ancient world. The preprocess became widely known only after the fall of the Hittites around 1200 B.C., leading to the “Iron Age”.
Of course, the major importance of iron in the modern world relates to its presence in steel. Steel is an alloy composed mainly of iron mixed with carbon and other metals. The principal structural material of our civilization, the annual production of steel amounts to nearly a billion tons. Although iron is extremely important as a construction material, it is even more important to chemistry in the human body. Without the iron compounds  in our system, we would die immediately. Iron is truly essential to our lives.

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