The Danger of Toothpaste


Article about toothpaste :

Addition of fluoride in toothpaste
Brushing teeth is absolutely necessary for the health habits. The habit has even been taught since we were kids in order to keep us healthy teeth. From the first, the product closely toothpaste with fluoride content that can not be denied is one of the substances that the body needs for growth and health of teeth. But what about the actual health effects of fluoride?
In Indonesia, a toothpaste containing fluoride began to appear around the 70’s. Fluoride is widely used types Monofluoro Sodium Phosphate or Sodium Fluoride, with levels between 250 and 800 ppm. In detail, fluoride is one of the ingredients of toothpaste detergent effect serves as one of three main ingredients as well as the cleaning materials mechanical abrasion of the tooth surface and its fresh taste in the mouth, while the other ingredients sodium bicarbonate and baking soda as an alkaline to reduce plaque acid and preventing decay, while the bleach, the taste and so is the extra material on the pasta concoction.                      In effect, fluoride coating serves tooth structure and resistance to decay processes as well as trigger the mineralization process. Chemical element in the substance hardens enamel on persenyawaannya. Likewise, since the first effects of the loss has also been widely publicized the dangers when swallowed and therefore we are not swallow toothpaste.

Fluoride Dangers

From a number of stories circulating some time ago fluoride pointed out as one of the ingredients used in the manufacture of atomic bombs. Chemical toxic effects presented by these findings encourage researchers are increasingly critical to research on the dangers of fluoride in toothpaste, and a lot of news to publish side effects and dangers of fluoride in triggering osteoporosis and damage to the nervous system, especially in the use of the wrong.

The state of impaired absorption of calcium as one manifestation of side effects is also known as fluorosis can result in up to a decrease in IQ, impaired nervous system and immune system as well as brittle bones and poor growth. Since the 1960s, the use of fluoride in toothpaste a long debate among scientists. Some of them believe that fluoride can help maintain dental health. Groups that oppose it argue that the use of fluoride can cause dangerous side effects. 


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